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Bigfoot Culture – Part Four of Five of “Rising Wind Book Series: Rock My Soul” Exciting, Deep, Sighting, and Exchanges. Is This The Possible Next Book of The Series?

“More strong pattern of observations as a prelude to interaction with lots of help from Mateo Arguello, Glenn Norberg, and my cousin, Heidi… I hope you enjoyed reading Part One of this informative information on the sightings and research by my friends and family.”

Again, we know there have been many reports about this willy beast in many states like Washington, California, and Oregon forests. And in many other states in America and around the world. Could Bigfoots still be reproducing and growing families we don’t know about?

Well, it could be possible and explain the many sightings. So let’s dive into part four and see what else Mateo and others have to say, shall we? As they are still in the same area around “Garden of the Gods” in Colorado Springs, CO.

~Author Diane Olsen writer of the Multi-Award-Winning Series Rising Wind.

“Garden of the Gods” CO., Springs

Pebbles and Apples

Mateo continues… “Six years after my first scary encounter, I was now hoping to interact with Sasquatch. I chose that space right up against the city at the start of the plains. I settled on a deer trail next to a spring, a prime spot for most animals to come through. I’d park in such a way that a dense patch of tall scrub oak would assure the hominids a safe approach to my vehicle if they decided to visit. Before, they had observed – then tried to interact with me. Now it was my turn to observe them and seek interactions. For three enjoyable months, my then-girlfriend and I spent our nights hanging out in this same spot. She thought it was something fun to do, a weird hobby I had.”


Nothing out of the ordinary happened, and we became complacent. Even though we were respectful and careful, it took three months for the interactions to start, but suddenly there were very clear noises that didn’t sound like birds, rodents, or mule deer in the scrub oak and underbrush. We’d wait up listening carefully every single night, and at times our sleep was disturbed by the sounds of someone approaching our vehicle.

The day after the first noises, we saw evidence of broken brush, very subtle, small snaps on willow branches, just enough to expose the white bark so they could mark a pathway in the dark. They were about chest height, so a person could easily have made them. Mainly willows were marked, but when there were no willows, they would break the scrub oak. I slid back into the thought that it might be teens sneaking around, maybe building a shelter there for themselves.

The breaks crisscrossed the regular human trails and deer ruts. I followed them until they had just stopped, and there was nothing. I tried to dismiss the Sasquatch intuition. I wanted it to be teens or loners. For some reason, any other thought would have been terrifying. But if they were kids, it was odd that they would brave the really thick brush between primary paths for no apparent reason.

Following their trail was annoyingly inconvenient, and my only reward from the endeavor was that I scratched myself up, crisscrossing the original trails through the brushy undergrowth. This system could help observers stay clear of people and the main trails as they ran through the area on hidden paths which I found later on led to huge nest sites where I collected hair samples.

A couple of days later, just as the budding leaves opened, we started getting the pebble throws. It was dark; there was no moon. My girlfriend noticed it first. ‘Do you hear that? It sounds like someone is throwing rocks or pebbles at the Jeep.’ Then, I started hearing them too, and said, ‘You’re right. If it is them, let’s wait because they’ll keep doing it.

In the meantime, let’s eliminate any other things it might be, like the Jeep engine making little popping noises as it cooled down.’ We checked the engine and the wind. Nope, we couldn’t locate any other explanation for the noises. In my mind, I denied the pebbles and other incidents because the marked trails weren’t made for significant individuals like giant Sasquatch, and they were crisscrossing the usual paths.

The rocks were tossed from the trees alongside our Jeep, and we soon realized that they were explicitly used because someone was trying to get our attention. That first night they were hitting the jeep from multiple angles. Sometimes two would hit at the same time. We were sure there was more than one being, probably two or three. My stomach knotted; I was internally freaking out, but I didn’t show it outwardly. My girlfriend stammered, ‘Oh my God… oh my God, you were right!

Nothing occurred for three months, then all of a sudden, when I became complacent and doubtful, things began happening. It was overwhelming for both of us. The pebble throws became pretty intense. I had wanted stability to learn more about them, but now I felt scared, surrounded. Imagine trying to face and contain your fear. The pebble throws became even more intense for several nights in a row. 

It was clear that several individuals were concealed and were tossing pebbles from a variety of directions while we tried to sleep inside the vehicle. We’d hear multiple pings as stones hit the Jeep, simultaneously smacking the front, hitting from the sides, the windows, and the doors. By this point, the Sasquatches, probably juveniles, were making their intentions to interact unmistakably clear. Do you know how your stomach feels when you’re really freaking out? I don’t know how to describe it; there were knots in my stomach and my throat. I tried not to show my girlfriend, so I said, ‘Oh my gosh, the waiting experiment worked.’ 

Although I was scared, I was also excited about the success. When the behavior became really obvious, my girlfriend kept repeating, ‘Oh, my God, they exist, oh my God, you were right.’ That felt good even though I was afraid. ‘I told you they did; I told you so.’ And that was the beginning of a ridiculous month and a half of interactions and evidence collection. We experienced constant pebble smacking and faces peeking in the windows.

We found track impressions and fresh branch breaks in the willows up against the hills, right at the edge of Colorado Springs. Their trail network began to expand. Our visitors trampled sticks and brush to form these substantial nest sites deep in the brush. This was where I collected hair samples which you can see in my documentary. 

These largely hidden areas with several body impressions appeared to change locations every few days, confirming for me that these were not teens or kids. They had to be a group of these hominids. There were other new features. At one point, a bunch of branches had been broken almost parallel to the Jeep into a formation similar to a hedge row

At first, I thought it was a boundary marker – like don’t go beyond this point! But I reconsidered, and now I think it was a blind – a safe place for them to observe us. The branches had been broken right in line with the jeep to break up their profiles while they looked at us from that position.


My focus was now on two-way interactive experiments, where I placed various things out for them to take, like the fuzzy wires used for crafts and decorations. I tried several things, but there were a lot of experiments where it didn’t look like anything was touched. After two weeks of getting pebbles thrown every night, I offered food as gifts to see what would happen. Everyone tries snacks to see if the Sasquatch will take them and to see what behaviors the gifts might elicit.

The apples most definitely got noticed. I decided to leave out four apples for our guests, and I bought bulk apples in a little net. I left four inside the netting, taking a bite out of one of them to assure our guests the food was safe to eat. Then I strung the net up next to a big tree on the path where they had made the blind. I used a branch that was seven or eight feet high, and I left a foot and a half lead on the rope to make sure squirrels or raccoons couldn’t get into it.

It was high enough that deer couldn’t get it either. We continued to hear the rocks hitting the Jeep, but even after three days, they hadn’t touched the fruit, even though they came through that area and looked at them every single night. Each morning we could see the grass was freshly pressed down, I thought maybe they didn’t know what apples were, or maybe they were scared, thinking they were ours. I didn’t know.

Finally, on the fourth day, I checked the whole perimeter to see if there were any subtle changes in the environment. Two of the apples are gone! They took the one I bit into and the one on the top and left the other two in the net. I was excited when I noticed they were taken from the top. The whole net was intact, with no tears or marks on it as if someone had tried to rip or bite through it. They went through the top without damaging the net and only took two, which is unusual for most animals.

Raccoons have been known to leave some, then come back later for the rest. But there was no evidence that other known animals had taken any, and it was unlikely other creatures were around because we were still getting pebbles thrown. So, I got the impression they were being polite – sharing the offering with us. I was excited about the fact they left the two apples because it might indicate that they understood sharing and counting – perhaps they were just trying to divide the food equally – was that evidence of calculation and math?

Maybe they left two for the two humans…

The next night when the pebbles started hitting the Jeep again, I came outside, and I took one of the apples and made gestures for about five minutes to assure them they were welcome to all of the apples; I returned to the car and the pebbles stopped. This time they obliged, understanding they could have them all. Fifteen minutes later, we heard a ‘yahoo,’ a yip of excitement – and then heard a curt ‘Woo!’ in a much deeper voice – everything got quiet as if a parent was cautioning a juvenile.

We entertained the idea, but we could be wrong, that what transpired was that one of the juveniles who was interacting with us took the apples up to mom and let out that “yahoo,” then mom told her or him to be quiet with that short ‘woo.’ Like, ‘Shut up!’ The next day when I checked, of course, and sure enough, the other two apples were gone, and the net was still there. 

That was the only time I used the apples because I didn’t want the food to become a focal point, and I didn’t want to run the risk of developing aggressive behavior from a sustained expectation of food. I felt they already experienced enough interaction from us with the pebble throws because the pebble throws were a game. When we stopped doing it in response, they got more dramatic to get our attention. That was already working well enough, so I didn’t want to add another factor with food and potentially have to escalate adverse side effects.

We tried to catch them watching us with a thermal camera, but my girlfriend was traumatized to see a figure walking beside me to my left on the thermal. The worst part is that I forgot to tell her how to snap images with the camera, so we had no visible proof of the experience, just her mental anguish from what she’d observed.

In the end, I realized that I had to relax in order for them to try interactive activities. I had no experience when I was tense or on guard, in my PTSD mode, looking over my shoulder with a defensive posture – nothing. It wasn’t until I had this friendly demeanor, let my guard down, and wasn’t paying attention to external factors that interactions started to happen. 

Now I’m allowing myself to be available to the creatures, but it takes time and patience to politely wait for them – as one might with a hunter-gatherer group. It is the best way to do it. Waiting can be very difficult, but it works. People have been successful when they waited in a spot and built a rapport like they would with any wild creature.

Of course, it only works when the Sasquatches use manners – and we use manners – signs of mutual respect.

The next post will be Part Five — The Finale of this article series. You will read the sharing of Hiedi’s story and the experiences she’s had with Bigfoot…

I hope you are enjoying this article series, and it just might be a new up-and-coming book from me! You never know… ~Diane Olsen

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More References to Mateo’s video links for some of the incidents can be found here.

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Bigfoot Culture – The ‘Rising Wind’ Book Series: Rock My Soul. Part Three of Four. A Unique Exciting Exchange With Bigfoot?

A strong pattern of observation as a prelude to interaction with lots of help from Mateo Arguello, Glenn Norberg, and my cousin, Heidi… I hope you enjoyed reading Part One of this informative information on the sightings and research by my friends and family.”

We know there have been many reports about this willy beast in many states like Washington, California, and Oregon forests. And in many other states in America and around the world. Could Bigfoots still be reproducing and growing families we don’t know about? Well, it could be possible and explain the many sightings. So let’s dive into part two and see what else Mateo and others have to say, shall we!

~Author Diane Olsen writer of the Award-Winning Series Rising Wind.

Garden of The Gods

Scrub Oak Hide and Seek – Part Three

“After my very personal introduction to Sasquatch, I was still nervous about going alone into South Cheyenne Canyon after dark. It would be two years before I would. I guess I wasn’t technically alone; I was with Tom and, occasionally, other friends in the Glen Erie area, a location slightly northwest of the ‘Garden of the Gods.’ For some reason, I thought we’d be far enough away from the Cheyenne Canyons on the other side of Ute Pass that Sasquatches couldn’t find me. It gave me a false sense of security. 

I was confident I’d be safe in the area of Glen Erie, an English Tudor Castle built in 1871 by General William Jackson Palmer, an early resident of Colorado Springs who took an interest in the arcane inventions of Nicola Tesla, who built his Tesla Experimental Station in 1899. Tesla had found a way to harness lightning, but the outcome was not necessarily popular with the region’s inhabitants. Even though he was an extraordinary scientist and made theoretical physics functional, most of his inventions were patented by others.

“The adjacent property was the celebrated Flying W Ranch, famous for their ‘chuckwagon dinners’ served on rolled metal plates as the cowboys used. Guests were entertained by what some called ‘tumbleweed’ music played by the Flying W Wranglers, a cowboy band.”

There was a wash or gully between these two iconic properties where Tom and I would run miles through the wilderness at night. Using cunning and stealth, we’d chase and hunt each other in glorified games of moonlight tag, or rather hide and seek among the conifers, scrub oak, and upright sandstone ridges and pinnacles. We went to the same spot almost every night around twilight to play. It became a ritual for us and helped us become strong. We tested different strategies and tactics trying to escape from one another.

I was the first to arrive one night in November, at 11 p.m., at a spot between the borders of the two properties. Tom always ran late. It was a Tom thing – late every single time. It felt like winter, and there were little patches of snow on the ground. Not too much, but it was cold. While waiting, I decided to rock climb up a sheer sandstone ridge to keep warm and get the lay of the land. Perhaps I could get the drop on Tom after he arrived and started to look for me. Finding a route to the crest in the middle of the night was really exciting. I stayed up top checking things out before dropping over to the other side to explore and continue waiting for Tom to come.

Finally, I heard him a quarter-mile away doing howls. We would howl really loud to let the other person know our location or keep in touch with one another. 

Photo: Arguably, the most famous and influential Bigfoot footage is the 1967 film Roger Patterson, and Bob Gimlin shot in Northern California. The “Bigfoot walk” it depicts has been parodied by many, but never truly replicated. Even with this enhanced image, it’s hard to tell if it’s a person in a gorilla suit or the real deal.

If one of us hid too well and the other person couldn’t find them, the game got stagnant, and it was easy to become demotivated and bored. A howl would keep the game going. Although howls could indicate our direction, sometimes we’d fake the distance with softer calls. As I listened carefully, I heard his howls getting closer. It sounded like he was close to me now – 200 or maybe 250 yards away, but his screams became quieter again. I thought he was faking me out. Sometimes I’d turn away and make my howl quieter, so it sounded like I was in a different spot, and it would be harder for whoever was chasing me to discover me. 

I just assumed that was what he was doing, but it turned out that his howls weren’t close to me. They sounded farther away – strange because I thought he must be close now. I was listening, paying attention, and I heard a noise – it couldn’t have been very far away – within thirty-five feet. 

I assumed he was just out of sight around a bend. It sounded like he came onto the trail and then scurried back up at an angle. I heard him crunching his way up the side of this gravel hill above me, smash, smash, smash, coming right over me to a small cluster of brush encircling a tree. I couldn’t see him, but I heard him, he’s a big guy. You could tell he was trying to be very quiet, but because he was walking in the gravel on a steep slope, crunch, crunch, smash

He stopped right above me, behind the brush at the tree. At this point, he was probably ten feet away – right there, I heard him. I’d been paying attention, listening, waiting for him to come and get me – then nothing. I heard him come right up to me, but instead of rushing at me, he wasn’t doing anything. Very uncharacteristic of Tom. The moment he saw you, he’d go right after you without stopping. That was his advantage because he’s fast. Waiting in stealth was weird behavior for him.

Now he was just chilling. I waited thirty seconds, well, I’d already been waiting for him for an hour, so I said, “Dude, Tom, come and get me.” And as soon as I finished the sentence, I heard Tom’s howl in the distance. Shit! Oh, my gosh. That’s not Tom! Because of the experience I’d had a year or two before in South Cheyenne Canyon, I started panicking. 

Somehow in my head, I thought the Rampart Range would be different. Sasquatches were not going to be there. That’s why I let myself play out here at night instead of the canyons down south. I started panicking because there was a 98% chance that what sneaked up above to observe me was a Sasquatch

It took the high ground, the key terrain – things that a regular person wouldn’t do. It was right above me. Tom would consider it because we’d discussed military tactics and strategies, then we’d practice them. It came naturally to us. One of the essentials was to get key terrain and high ground.

Now I was freaking out, but I wanted to be sure I was right. Getting really critical has always been my safety net, I thought maybe that was Tom, so I pulled out my phone and called him right then and there. ‘Bro, where are you?’ Then he said, ‘I must be a quarter of a mile away from you.’

“Oh my gosh, please, please come over here as fast as you can. Please.’
Then I hung up the phone. I had my headlamp, and I could have easily turned it on at this point – a sign of distress for Tom to see, and I could have used it to look right into the face of whoever was standing over me, but I wasn’t ready at that time. I didn’t want another frightening experience. I couldn’t look into the features of a creature I knew nothing about.

It was the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere, and I didn’t have an easy escape route. If I went out the way, I wanted to, into the rugged country, which would have been okay if Tom was the one chasing me – but not okay if a North American Hominid was chasing me. I’d have no advantage. 

My best option, even though the riskiest, was to run back down the trail. If this thing wanted to cut me off, it would be so easy for it to come in at an angle as I ran. It wasn’t the best bet, but I didn’t know what else to do. In desperation, I began screaming and running, trying to look as big and intimidating as possible. I sprinted with all my might, descending the trail as fast as I could, down to the open mining scar, and on down to where I could look across the valley for Tom, but I stopped before the path dropped into the draw that separated the Flying W Ranch and the Glen Eyrie properties.
I was terrified, but I was safe – so far.

The Flying W Ranch Colorado

On the opposite side, there was another hill where I saw Tom’s silhouette on the slope, which inclined up towards the other “Garden of the Gods” type rocks. I couldn’t imagine why he would be so far away. Something was off. He was still a quarter-mile away. I howled to get him to come down, and I saw him running into the valley towards me. But when he got close to the bottom, he turned around and started running all the way back up that slope. What was going on! At this point, I turned on my light, a sign for Dude, get over here!

Tom saw my light and finally came all the way across the valley and up to where I met him. I still didn’t feel comfortable even with him there because we were surrounded by trees and scrub oak, so we ran all the way back up the trail to the scar, which is a desolate hill that had been shaved off – mined for gypsum to help build the Air Force Academy. It was a large open space, and we could easily see anything trying to sneak up on us.

After we met, I told him what happened, that I was certain I’d been approached by a Sasquatch. He was a little skeptical but also had something weird to report. He explained that he’d turned around because as he came closer and had almost reached the valley floor, he heard something behind and above him. He looked back and saw the silhouettes of two individuals following quietly, one behind the other on the path he’d just come down. 

He was able to make out their outlines because there was adequate light from the stars, the city, and the moon. Now he thought I’d tricked him, bringing unannounced friends, which we did at times to make the game more interesting. He also said that when he came down into the bushes at the bottom of the gully, he briefly saw another figure creeping through the brush, but it quickly left his view. 

He guessed that silhouette had been me – that I had double-crossed him. He thought I’d made the phone call as a prank to draw him in. As far as he could tell, we were setting up a proper ambush – trying to catch him in the middle – so he took off to evade the trap. That’s when his howls became more distant because I was now chasing him in his mind. That is until he saw my light illuminate from across the valley.

That’s when he knew I was serious and headed back down to join me. I assured him I had been there well over an hour, and there were no other humans. I told him about the chill feeling that came over me when I realized it wasn’t him behind me. Oh, oh my gosh, that’s not Tom. That’s something else. The only thing I could think of was Sasquatch. But my intuition told me it didn’t want to cause me harm. It was there because it wanted to play what we were playing. I was still scared because it was an uncontrollable element, an unknown variable.

I thought I didn’t know anything about youRight now, you’re kind of a monster. I was certain it was a North American hominid who wanted to play. I didn’t get any threatening intent, similar to the way I felt scared but not endangered during the first encounter – until I became aggressive. My thoughts were reinforced when Tom told his story of another pair of individuals just following him around and perhaps another one observing him in the valley bottom. Apparently, we had intermeshed with a group of youngsters. My immediate thought was they had seen us play here night after night and wanted to be included. They could associate with what we’re doing because they almost certainly played tag and chase when we weren’t there. 

One thing Tom said, and it’s hard to know for sure, was that one of the vocalized howls wasn’t him, and he didn’t think it was from me either. He thought it was strange. I didn’t hear anything like that, but I also wasn’t paying much attention. I thought it was Tom the whole time, but the closer calls coming up to me might not have been him. The realization of what we’d experienced was so frightening, like out of a scary movie or book. You’ve gotta be kidding me. I ran into bears and mountain lions at night and did not feel scared. It wasn’t that they weren’t dangerous, but I knew what to do. That night I had been interacting with creatures that weren’t even supposed to exist. 

I didn’t know how to operate. What would happen if the situation became violent or aggressive? How could I avoid them? You can’t just go around them like you would a mountain lion or bear if you needed to. That was one of the scariest pieces at the time. I decided not to go out anywhere at night without a gun. In retrospect, it was the perfect setting for a group of young Sasquatch to conduct a controlled interactive experiment with humans. There was lots of cover for concealment, and they had a myriad of safe approach routes to get close, to observe, and interact with us. They had the advantage and knew the trails. 

Curiosity and interaction were the main points of their visits. We were playing games out there, so we weren’t focused on them; we focused on each other until they let us know they were around! They were interested in what we were doing because they could identify with the games. I stand by that assessment. That was something they did – they saw us doing it, and they wanted to join in. That’s why they got so close, just trying to follow us, playing around – presumably hoping we might be open to the experience.”


Part Four and my finale of sharing my friends and family’s bigfoot encounters and sightings will be just as exciting and interesting as the first three parts! 

I hope you are enjoying this article series, and it just might be a new up-and-coming book from me! You never know…

Diane Olsen Award-Winning Writer


Award-Winning Author Diane Olsen, a seasoned influential writer, began with a non-fiction book titled; “Ancient Ways: The Roots of Religion,” which won a bronze medallion from the Christian Illuminations Book Awards in 2017. Diane’s “Rising Wind” book series has also won several awards. “The Thunder Beings” was released in 2018. “Ice and Bone,” and “The Weeping God and The Book of Hope” were released in mid-2021. “Weeping God” garnished her a second bronze medal win in 2021. Book four has now been released in March 2022, titled “Like Feathers of a Wing: Deep, Informative and Pertinent.”

Three of these books earned five-star ratings from Reader’s Favorite, and in 2021, she received a second Bronze Medal from Christian Illumination for book three entitled; “The Weeping God and The Book of Hope.” Rising Winds is an excellent multi-cultural, cross-genre fiction read with a light Christian-themed, action-packed mystery thrill ride like no other! Everyone will enjoy this ‘Indiana Jones style’ series regardless of their beliefs or cultural backgrounds, which rides a balance between science and religion. Diane shares how all of us, all of humanity, are connected as one. Her books are available on Amazon, Kindle, B&N, and many fine online bookstores.

Born and raised in Colorado, Diane is an Undergrad at Colorado State University Ft. Collins: Pre-vet med, Anthropology, then attended and received her BA and MA at the University of Montana, Missoula: Anthropology, Archaeology, and Paleontology. Diane has proudly raised two grown sons, Andrew and Gavin, has four grandsons, Dylan, Brayden, AJ, and Asher; when she is not writing, Diane enjoys spending time with her family, especially her grandkids.

A few of her favorite books are ‘The Book of Certitude (Kitab-i-Iqan), The Upanishads, and The Great Initiates.’ She is currently working on the next book to her ‘Rising Wind’ series and resides in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of Washington State.

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Bigfoot Culture – From The ‘Rising Wind’ Book Series: Rock My Soul. Part 2 of 4. More Sightings of Bigfoot by Family & Friends.

A strong pattern of observation as a prelude to interaction with lots of help from Mateo Arguello, Glenn Norberg, and my cousin, Heidi… I hope you enjoyed reading Part One of this informative information on the sightings and research by my friends and family.

We know there have been many reports about this willy beast in many states like Washington, California, and Oregon forests. And in many other states in America and around the world. Could Bigfoots still be reproducing and growing families we don’t know about? Well, it could be possible and explain the many sightings. So let’s dive into part two and see what else Mateo and others have to say, shall we!

~Author Diane Olsen writer of the Award-Winning Series Rising Wind.

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Part Two of Four – Bigfoot Culture – Mateo’s First Interactive Exposure.

“Around 11 p.m. my girlfriend Kaitlyn and I heard something moving through the brush across the road from where we were sitting on a picnic table in South Cheyenne Canyon. There was more than one sound signature, a group of something was moving and making crunching noises in the bushes. Kaitlyn asked, ‘Do you hear that? What is it?’

“I easily dismissed the sounds and told her they were deer. I was familiar with the area and pretty confident that I knew what was going on. We had a huge population of “mulies” right up against our bustling city. She was frustrated because for her this pattern had been building up for days. For me, this was the first occasion, and I insisted that I heard noises like this all the time and it had always ended up just being deer. I was willing to let it go, but obviously, it was bothering her.

“An hour later, we were still sitting in the dark on the picnic table chatting when I realized the sound signatures of the group of things that were moving through the deep brush and wooded area across the street had never stopped, they had continued for an hour and a half. Now I became curious, what was going on? There was a deer trail back in there, which is why I first assumed they were deer. But deer wouldn’t chill, making noises in the brush. It was a dangerous place for them. They could get ambushed, right? They would simply pass through.

“I wanted to know what or who this was so I went across the road to investigate. I wasn’t planning to go into the brush, just walk along the pavement and try to figure out the source of the noise. Kaitlyn had bad feelings, like something strange was up. She didn’t want me to leave, and her intuition turned out to be right – something was off.

“Looking back, I can remember several times that women picked up on the ‘Sasquatch vibe’ way before I did. I listen better now – I think. Before that, if I heard something fall near me, I’d dismiss it as the wind or an acorn dropping. All whistles sounded like human whistles, and the woos was almost imperceptibly quiet. It took several exposures before I learned to hear them. It was so easy to miss the signals because they weren’t for me – their signals were for each other.

“Equipped only with my I-phone flashlight because I had no weapon, I went anyway not expecting trouble. I closed in on the first of what I thought were three separate creature signatures maybe fifteen to twenty feet off the road. But the brush was too thick to see anything. When I stood directly in front of the spot where the first sound was generated, I heard the creature making noise. Then as I stepped toward it, it froze but I still couldn’t see anything. It dawned on me that this wasn’t a small animal, a deer, or any predator I was used to because they would have turned and run away by now.

“There had been three distinct signatures, maybe three to five meters apart. The other two creatures were still making noise so I continued to walk down the road about twenty feet to the second spot to see what or whoever was in there, but it also stopped making noise. I heard something hit the ground behind me. When I twisted around, I saw a small rock bouncing on the ground. I brought my eyes up to look across the street and noticed Kaitlyn was getting into her car.

Sightings in Ill.

I thought, okay maybe she threw it at me as a sign. Then I realized that she was too far away to toss a small pebble like that, maybe a bigger rock with some weight behind it, but not a little pebble. I brushed it off and walked over to the third signature – and it stopped making noise too. It didn’t leave, or panic, it stayed right in front of me – unseen.

I couldn’t figure out what was going on, so I thought whatever, and turned to start walking back toward the picnic table. After three or four steps I saw a little pebble come out of the brush and hit right in front of me. I actually saw it come out of the brush and smack the pavement; it even bounced a little bit. I thought, okay those aren’t deer. It wasn’t Kaitlyn, what is going on? No animal I knew could throw in that way.

At this point, I don’t know if I contemplated it was Sasquatches, but I was becoming suspicious about the behaviors, and the only other possibility was that it must have been people, but I couldn’t think of anybody who would be willing to spend an hour and a half hiding just to prank someone by making little noises in the woods – much less three people being so patient. I was perplexed by such unusual behavior. Even I, a born prankster, wouldn’t have done that. 

“Deciding to be on the safe side, I went over to see Kaitlyn and ask her if she threw a rock – even though I saw the last one come directly out of the brush. I was in denial and I needed to think critically, it was my defense mechanism because the situation was too weird for me to take in. In my worldview, these had to be people, even though they had an unusual amount of persistence, and the way they were trying to scare us was very odd. Realistically, what else could it be?

“When I explained this to Kaitlyn, she thought I was trying to mess with her. In frustration, she said, ‘Are you serious?’ She was freaking out thinking something had been trying to get our attention. When we spoke about this night years later, she said that wasn’t the only time pebbles had been thrown at us. The same thing had happened on several occasions. Little rocks would hit and drop around us and our vehicles. So, it bothered her when I ignored the obvious signs. Somebody had been trying to get our attention for several weeks.

“Now, I was intrigued. I was going in to find out who this was, thinking it must be teenagers messing with us since that was what I had done up there when I was a teen – scaring other kids who were drunk or high, and I had gotten a kick out of it. Ironically that might have been what brought in the real ‘monsters,’ me pretending to be one.

“I’ll explain, I knew the area well. I’d hiked and run all over that place since high school. Besides, I’d been through the Marine Corps and had a lot of strategic experience. I knew there was a ‘social trail’ that went up to the mesa that was nestled between the North and South Cheyenne canyons, and it came very near to our current location. From the social trail, I would take the deer trail which ran alongside the road, only thirty feet away from where our cars were parked.

“My girlfriend didn’t want me to go but I insisted, so she said, ‘Fine, I’m not staying here. I’m going with you.’

“Because this was not a secluded area in the deep forest, I assured her there had to be people. We were on the edge of a big city and there were tons of visitors and hikers around day and night particularly when it was warm. People were everywhere, especially in the summertime.

“All we had was the lights on our phones and they couldn’t penetrate the brush very far. We walked cautiously along the trail to a little berm where the noises and throws came from, directly across from our cars. I didn’t see anything but felt no urge to go in deeper. I felt vulnerable because the things I’d expected to find weren’t adding up.

There was no evidence of people in those places where I thought they would be. If they had moved or run, I would have heard them moving away in the brush, and there were no other manufactured light sources. We did find smaller marked trails in the brush that crisscrossed the normal human and deer paths. These weren’t for large individuals, maybe the size a teen would make. Once again, I couldn’t explain the situation, so I decided to dismiss it. ‘Alright let’s just head back. I can’t see anything.’

“I returned to the paved road all the while denying the pebbles and other incidents when we heard people come and park in a nearby picnic site, located a little farther up the hill, and on the other side of the creek. So, what came to mind at that moment? I wanted to prank them. To scare them away for laughs. It was fun, what can I say?

“I started making loud scary screams, yells, and other noises. My efforts had the desired effect and they all ran to their vehicles, slammed their car doors, and bugged out. At some point, Kaitlyn must have thought I was nuts.

“After five minutes of being impressed with myself, we started to walk across the pavement toward our cars, and when we were only thirty feet from the spot the noises and pebbles had come from fifteen minutes before – suddenly, all hell broke loose! The brush became an explosion of action and noise! We heard crashing and banging, large sticks and huge rocks were thrown all around us. When the Scrub oak had started to tremble and shake, I knew these weren’t humans. Normally these trees don’t get very big – but these were especially large, maybe five inches in diameter – they’d been around for a long time.

“My whole world of denial was shattered that night. These beings were unmistakably Sasquatches. This knowledge affected me worse than war, which was also a shattering experience – but not like this – at least in war I knew my enemy.

“Then, it got worse. They had waited to rush us until we were on the road heading back to the vehicles, then we heard the bluff charge. Something sounding like a freight train came right behind us – just like in ‘Jurassic Park.’ The rush of the charge tore through the shuddering oaks and came right up to the edge of the road – within inches of us. We stared ahead, like deer headlights – too afraid to look.

Bigfoot casts for “Seven” Sighting in Marion
North Carolina

“These massive individuals had rushed right up to us – so fast! Everything became chaotic; they could have been on top of us in seconds, yet they stopped. It was clear even at that moment that they weren’t trying to hit us, but they certainly managed to terrify us. Some of them were moving around in the tall scrub oaks, rattling them menacingly – a very clear sign for us to ‘get the heck out.’

“This time I wasn’t going to stick around to confirm their identity. Now I believed Sasquatches were very real, and a group of them, adults and younger ones, had been only a couple of branches away from our faces. Right in front of us. It was very clear that they were not happy and wanted us to leave – immediately. So chaotic!

“I felt my life was in danger. We raced for the cars, scared for our lives. If my nerves had allowed it, I could have possibly looked up into the Sasquatches’ eyes. but at that moment the thought was simply too frightening. Instead, I quickly escorted Kaitlyn to her car, saying, ‘Meet me at the gas station on Eighth Street.’ Then I jumped into my Honda Civic and we got out of there as fast as we could. I actually tried to put the lights of the Honda on them but the beams were set too low to see them.

“We met up at the gas station and I had her repeat everything that happened. I told what I had experienced. We weren’t crazy. It was all there, we’d both witnessed, felt, and experienced the exact same events. I didn’t want to believe there were monstrous hominids in my backyard – because that changed everything. Until that night I’d felt comfortable in this part of the mountains. I used to feel safe moving around in the brush, on the trails, hiking, and running around at night. Now I felt that assurance of safety and control had been taken from me.

“Kaitlyn and I drove back the following day and again parked across the road from our encounter which had banished my denial for good. We wanted to see if there was any physical confirmation of what we’d experienced and we found copious evidence of the destruction. 

Signs of the aftermath were everywhere. The adult Sasquatches broke several trees and they snapped off many branches to be pitched at us. Other limbs were broken when their rushing bodies crashed down a path to chase us away. We didn’t find the specific rocks they threw because it was a rocky area, but such a destructive force was let loose!

“Unimaginably large foot impressions were crushed into the leaf carpeted earth right up to the pavement. One print measured sixteen inches; another was eighteen inches in length. These were not the juveniles from before, these protectors were huge! I tried to step into the leaf litter which concealed the red soil with my boots to recreate the deep impressions which were mind-boggling. I couldn’t even make a dent. The thick topping of leaves wouldn’t stay down even when I continued to jump in the soil right beside the huge impressions, I didn’t have the weight or strength.

I’d smash my boots into the ground to make my prints stay – the leaves would crinkle but then they would crinkle back up. I said, ‘Wow this must have been something big and heavy.’ The tiny little suggestion in my head that we’d gotten hoaxed, ran away screaming. There was no alternative explanation for the conclusion we drew when things went crazy the previous night. And with that, the hoax idea was finally obliterated.

“We came back again the very next night and I brought chem-lights or glow sticks which were less powerful than phone flashlights but we also used headlamps which were brighter to do some tests. My mind couldn’t eradicate the events, so I needed to control them with experiments. Kaitlyn couldn’t see me twenty to twenty-five feet inside the brush with her phone light and headlamp. With the glow sticks I could see only five feet in, or maybe fifteen feet at certain angles, but nothing beyond that because the shrubbery was too dense. I’d like to reach out to her again now, for more of an interview.

“All at once, I realized that all the weird stuff I’d seen, or events I’d heard about in the canyon and up at Seven Falls over the years was true. The accounts my friends had given about creatures they’d encountered at night were valid. Before this experience I disregarded such stories, deciding those people were either mentally unstable or had experienced something paranormal in nature.

I never thought it was actually something alive and physically operating in the vicinity where I lived and worked. Then I remembered finding weird deer kills that I couldn’t explain along the side of the road. Some people said it was the work of Satanists. I didn’t agree, but I had no other explanation at the time.

“It occurs to me now, that they were probably watching us do our reconnaissance – the whole time. In retrospect, I realize that my actions elicited the adult Sasquatches’ response. I went in there screaming, outranking this group. I think they reacted to my aggressive behavior. I feel pretty confident about that now.

A North Carolina Man Captures Video of
Bigfoot While Walking His Dog.

“When introducing yourself to any new culture you don’t want to approach someone in a bold scary manner. You should be gentler, more patient – not tense, on guard, or too eager – They might let you know they are interested if you are placid. Wait for them to come to you. But that’s not likely to happen if you’re scared.

“We must consider that we are very dangerous. They have to be gentle – careful when approaching us too. It’s a two-way street no matter what species you’re dealing with. Humans need to be more tactful in their approaches – to build that rapport. That’s how Sasquatch approaches us and that’s how we need to approach them.

“Even their pebble throws are a gentle sign of inquiry – a kind of experiment to get your attention and let you know they’re there waiting to see what you do next. Sometimes the intensity increases if they don’t get a reaction.

“Pebble throwing is a universal primate behavior. It’s like when a boy throws a pebble at a girl’s window. We do it, they do it, gorillas and chimps do it to get someone’s attention. They want you to know they’re interested in interacting with you. It’s a behavior to protect themselves yet let you know they are interested without freaking you out. If they came right out and said, ‘Hey what’s up, my name’s Bob,’ we’d be terrified, that’s just too aggressive.

This group in the canyon has been around so long that they’ve built up an understanding – a way to interact in an effective manner. They know how to open up communication channels with those of us who are perceptive. At first glance, I didn’t understand this behavior. It took me years to realize this wasn’t aggression, I was making it too complex. The more simple, obvious answer was the right one.”

A strong pattern of observations as a prelude to interaction!

I hope you enjoy reading more of this amazing research and the stories of my friends. Part three will be coming up very soon, so until next time! ~ Diane

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Mateo’s video links for some of the incidents can be found here.

“Thank God, it never looked back at me” Video: https://youtu.be/XCatOc5jDKw

“Snow white sasquatch encounter”https://youtu.be/1yfGfLsQkWU

Beaver creek sas p1https://youtu.be/seXyWmV7cLc

P2: https://youtu.be/5B74cSB4Uf0


Bigfoot Culture – From Rising Wind: Rock My Soul. A Special Treat For All My Readers and Visitors. Part 1 of 4. A Series About Bigfoot.

A strong pattern of observation as a prelude to interaction with lots of help from Mateo Arguello, Glenn Norberg, and my cousin, Heidi.

Mateo’s video links for some of the incidents can be found at the bottom of this article.

Are you convinced that the mythical creature hiding in the woods known as Bigfoot exists? If so, you’re not alone and the truth is out there.

“Unless you telescope in and listen with both ears and mind you might not notice anything. There might be a soft ‘woo,’ almost a sigh, then you start to wonder if this could be something strange. You wait to see if there’s a pattern or an increase in the intensity or types of sounds. Maybe there’s a growing sense that you aren’t alone. How small and vulnerable you feel when you realize something much bigger and potentially far more dangerous than you is hiding just a few feet, or inches away watching your every move.”

Mateo continues, “In so many ways we limit our view of the world. When we think of predators it’s easy for us to see only the aggressive side, as when it attacks or eats something. We scope in and focus on fearful things and interpret all intense situations as horrible or aggressive. We slant things to the dark side, for some reason we crave scarier things. Fear sells.

“Are they dangerous? There are accounts of Bigfoots, called red-haired giants, or trolls eating humans. Perhaps it is a few incidents, but the stories are passed all around the lore of the planet. If humans are willing to eat each other in different cultures – then it’s a possibility. I think it’s important to recognize they can definitely be very dangerous to humans but there’s a good indication that they’re not inherently aggressive – unless someone has threatened them with a gun, shot at them, or harmed a family member.

“It’s more difficult to see all of a creature’s other behaviors, but nature gives us plenty of examples of peaceful interactions between these species, and evidence of one type of animal helping another in distress. It’s not just us. We see interspecies cooperation play out not only with humans or other primates, but there are occasions where a jaguar that normally eats baby deer is taking care of one instead. There are a number of accounts of Sasquatches helping humans and also asking humans for help. It’s universal and it may be more common than we think.

“Before my encounters’ I didn’t feel the need to carry any weapon except a hunting knife on my excursions. Of course, I thought it would be cool if these hominids existed, but like many, I thought they would run from us. Even bears or mountain lions will eventually run away, but it would be a fallacy to think all animals are afraid of us. Sure, most animals are afraid of humans because we hunt them. Squirrels are an exception. They aren’t afraid of me at all – even after I show them a pellet gun, or I eat one of them. The others are still not afraid of me. But squirrels quit chattering and are quiet around Sasquatch.

My first interactive encounter with Sasquatches was really scary because I expected that they would stay away from people like chimpanzees and mountain gorillas. I figured they would distance themselves far from contact – maybe somewhere in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest or the Himalayas – to avoid humans at all costs. So, I always had this impression they wouldn’t be anywhere near the area in which I lived and worked. Certainly, they did not live and travel where I hiked, ran, and played near the canyons and parks adjacent to the city of Colorado Springs. I was wrong. Right there!”

“I used to be terrified of Bigfoot like squirrels are, but now I’ve done a 180-degree reversal in my thinking. I seek their company.” Mateo mused, “Maybe Sasquatch looks at us as pets and they’re trying to domesticate us,” he laughs. “Sometimes they’d play with me like I’d play with a kitten. Ironically, now that I know them and understand them better, this group which I’m more familiar with, I’m speaking of the ones that live in and near the canyons on the west side of Colorado Springs, I feel safer when I know they’re around.” He laughs. “Because all animals – even large predators – vacate the area.

“But nothing prepared me for Sasquatches conducting experiments on humans; observing us, politely trying to get our attention to see if we want to play on their terms – literally a quarter mile from the first houses in town.”

Bigfoot, Real, Myth, or Legend

The Three Bears – My first known exposure – But not an interaction

“My friend, Austin, and I had been hiking all day exploring the south side of Pikes Peak. It was getting dark and he relied on me to navigate us back to the Jeep safely. Normally it was easy for me to remember reference pointseven by moonlight. However, it was getting pitch dark and there was no moon to be seen. We were over 12,000 feet, 500 feet above timberline when the entire landscape became formless and I realized I couldn’t make out anything – even with my headlamp fully illuminated.

It was like looking into the void of space. Everything was so far away, nothing reflected in the distance and in that moment, I was unable to tell where I was on the mountain. For the first time, I understood how people could get lost and die on a cold night like this high above the trees in what seemed like an endless void, a black abyss that absorbed all light. I was chilled with fear, not only for me but for my dear friend who came with me on these crazy escapades because he did trust my judgment and experiences. 

“In the inky darkness the valleys were gone, indiscernible, and my headlamp only illuminated sixty feet ahead of us before evaporating into darkness.  I pushed fear to the side and brought my confidence back to the surface. No point in being scared, I needed to guess which valley to take down, and see where it led.

“The problem was that from our mountain top vantage we were looking for the genesis of a swale that would become a large valley farther down. No easy feat as many of them started as small depressions in the ground about a foot deep, before rushing down 2,000 feet into streams that carved out valleys and canyons further down the slope. Even worse, different valleys could begin as small dips which might only begin a few feet from one another, very confusing.

“With as much confidence as I could muster, I let Austin know we would have to pick the start of a valley and just hope it was the right one to take us back. He seemed to take it well since I showed no fear or doubt.“ In the darkness, it’s hard to gauge distances. For what seemed like two endless black miles, we pushed our way down into the valley we thought we had come up. After hiking down about 1,000 feet we thought lady luck was on our side because we ran into a road we’d used briefly, earlier that day on the way up.

It was either a new cattle road or one that had recently had a lot of maintenance done. This gave us more confidence and improved our morale. Now, we at least had a road and trees that our lights could illuminate, giving us the illusion we could see and that this world wasn’t so vacant.

“Our walk continued but it soon became clear that even though we had a path to follow, we had chosen the wrong valley and it had placed us hours farther from home. Our morale dropped to nothing. We were cold, hungry, and getting sleepy. It was edging close to midnight, but we had no choice but to keep going. After a few more hours passed a strange sensation overcame me. The way I’d feel when I was in a kill zone in Afghanistan. You knew you were vulnerable; something was watching you! This feeling lingered for about a mile, then we finally pushed out of the trees to one of the reservoirs where this valley ended.

“I shook the dread off thinking it had been my imagination and felt emboldened because Austin was with me. Additionally, we’d both brought side arms in our packs which gave us some perception of safety. But the feeling of being watched did not cease, and because of this, I was prompted to look to my right as soon as we cleared the tree line where the slope ended. A flat space emerged that was covered in tall grass and giant willow bushes, and to my surprise, I saw three massive black figures leaving the tree line and barreling down the last of the small open slope.

Photo Captured Bigfoot At North Carolina Lake

They walloped on all fours through the tall grass and silently jutted, or dodged behind a huge willow bush about 45 ft feet away. Their eyeshine varied between yellow and green as my light caught them at different angles. My first thought was they had to be three massive black bears. Yet my personal experience with countless bears raised red flags about their behavior. These things did not move like bears but like apes. They were bounding with incredible speed and agility. Their movements reminded me of hyenas bounding in African documentaries as they entered into a feeding frenzy. 

“That was just the beginning. What happened shortly afterward was even more perplexing. Sasquatch was not on my mind at the time, and I was struggling to categorize these three as adult bears. Adults were unlikely to peacefully share the same space. All we could see were these massive outlines and large reflective eyes looking back at us from just outside the reach of our lights. Simultaneously, they started peeking their heads out from behind this giant bush. When we would shine the light to focus on one head it would quickly hide behind the bush and the other two would jut & extend out their heads out – just like ‘whack-a-mole.’ 

“If that wasn’t enough, the one directly behind the tree was peeking over a bush that had to be over eight feet tall. I couldn’t comprehend how fast and fluid this bear could look over the bush, it then ducked its head. I had always seen bears as having to struggle to balance while standing, slowly rising, then falling to get off two feet. This bear was faster and more agile than I was. As soon as the light was directed at it, it shot down – just to shoot up as soon as we shined the light at the new head popping out on the side. I remember at the time I did not get any threatening indication from them and was not afraid. 

“Austin suggested we should take out our firearms. Recognizing he was afraid, and that indeed taking out our pistols was probably the best course of action to make sure we were protected. As soon as I drew out my 1911 WWII .45, the three giant bears galloped away from us on all fours so fast that they were out of sight within seconds. Unfortunately, that was no benefit to us since they went into the trees in the direction we planned to go, making it impossible for us to keep an eye on them.  We just stood there, not sure what to do because we felt uneasy moving in the direction all these “bears” had fled.

“I commented to Austin that it was unusual to see three adult bears together, and how strange their movements were. The behaviors we saw didn’t make sense; they were not the behaviors of bears. I told him I could not understand how they maneuvered with such agility and how they instantly knew we had drawn our pistols and fled the scene in haste. I may have understood the fear of rifles, but not pistols. Austin didn’t have much to say since there was a lot to contemplate.

As for me, I was highly suspicious of what we had just seen and could not get it out of my head. The way they moved, the interest they showed in us, the way they had been following us from up the slope in the trees in order to meet us in the open. If I had not looked to my right they would have just moved to that bush and neither one of us would have been the wiser. 

“We probably waited about twenty minutes before deciding to push forward. Both of us were obviously perplexed and unsure if we were safe or not. So, we continued with our lights on and our handguns drawn for about a mile and a half, until we ran into a forest service road and felt safe enough to put the guns away.

However, our heads were still on swivels looking for any eyeshine that might indicate these things were still following us.  It took another couple of hours to reach the Jeep and it was probably around and it took another two hours to get home. So, it was close to daybreak at 5 a.m., by the time this adventure was over.” 

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MORE Information, Sightings, and Links To Check Out!
Mateo’s video links for some of the incidents can be found here.

“Thank God, it never looked back at me” Video: https://youtu.be/XCatOc5jDKw

“Snow white sasquatch encounter”: https://youtu.be/1yfGfLsQkWU

Beaver creek sas p1: https://youtu.be/seXyWmV7cLc

P2: https://youtu.be/5B74cSB4Uf0

Gargoyle: https://youtu.be/AgOcw50gyc4

ABOUT Diane Olsen ~ Award-Winning Author

Author Diane Olsen is a seasoned writer who is a two-time bronze medallion winner from the Christian Illuminations Book Awards for her books. Three of these books earned five-star ratings from Reader’s Favorite, and in 2021, she received a second Bronze Medal from Christian Illumination for book three entitled; “The Weeping God and The Book of Hope.”

Rising Winds is an excellent multi-cultural, cross-genre fiction read with a light Christian-themed, action-packed mystery thrill ride like no other! No matter their beliefs or cultural backgrounds, everyone will enjoy this ‘Indiana Jones style’ series, which rides a balance between science and religion. Diane shares how all of us, all of humanity, are connected as one. Her books are available on Amazon, Kindle, B&N, and many fine online bookstores.

Born and raised in Colorado, Diane is an Undergrad at Colorado State University Ft. Collins: Pre-vet med, Anthropology, then attended and received her BA and MA at the University of Montana, Missoula: Anthropology, Archaeology, and Paleontology. Diane has proudly raised two grown sons, Andrew and Gavin, and has four grandsons, Dylan, Brayden, AJ, and Asher; when she is not writing, Diane enjoys spending time with her family, especially her grandkids. She resides in the Pacific Northwest.

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Respect and Consideration…


Respect and Consideration

All the Prophets and Manifestations taught us to develop virtues here in the spirit kindergarten of earthly life. We will need these virtues in the next world, like we needed to develop limbs and eyes in the world of the womb – even though it might not have been fully clear why, at the time.

No matter what Faith you profess, or if you commune with God in an aspen meadow, you know the comfort and warmth of the love of God, Allah or any other name. As you feel filled with that love, you know you must share it with other beings; whether they be plants, animals, people; or even the earth, rocks, and sky.

“One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.”  ~Bryan H McGill


“Knowledge gives you power, but character respect.” ~Bruce Lee


“The blood that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.”  ~Richard Bach


“Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners.”
~Laurence Sterne


It is not only their fellow human beings that the beloved of God must treat with mercy and compassion, rather must they show forth the utmost loving-kindness to every living creature. For in all physical respects, and where the animal spirit is concerned, the selfsame feelings are shared by animal and man. Man hath not grasped this truth, however, and he believeth that physical sensations are confined to human beings.

Wherefore is he unjust to the animals, and cruel? And yet in truth, what difference is there when it comes to physical sensations? The feelings are one and the same, whether ye inflict pain on man or on beast. There is no difference here, whatever. And in deed you do worse to harm an animal, for man hath a language, he can lodge a complaint, he can cry out and moan; if injured he can have recourse to the authorities …

But the hapless beast is mute, able neither to express its hurt or take its case to the authorities … Therefore, it is essential that ye show forth the utmost consideration to the animal, and that ye be even kinder to him than to your fellow man. Train your children from their earliest days to be infinitely tender and loving to animals. If an animal be sick, let them try to heal it, if it be hungry, let them feed it, if thirsty, let them quench its thirst, if weary let them see that it rest. 
~ ‘Abdu’l Baha

Author/Writer, Diana Olsen


The Most Ancient Prophets. . .

“Verily He is the all-Possessing, the Most Exalted. When He purposed to call the new creation into being, He sent forth the Manifest and Luminous Point from the horizon of His Will; It passed through every sign and manifested itself in every form until it reached the zenith, as bidden be God, the Lord of all men.”
– Baha’u’llah Tablets of Baha’u’llah, p. 101

“Sixteen Tablets revealed by Bahá’u’lláh during the later years of His life, including the Tablet of Carmel, the Book of the Covenant, and the Tablet of Wisdom, as well as excerpts from other Writings.” Reference: More about the life and mission of Bahá’u’lláh »




The oldest reference to an Educator sent to help early humankind would have to be (as far as I know at this time) is Nu Wa known by other names in Africa. She came to the earliest forms, which had as yet no real social code that differed from the animals. I know of no Apothegms or quotes related to her efforts.

So, let’s talk about what we can learn from the most ancient quote I know of from a Messenger of God. Gayomart is the most ancient Being in the Persian Creation of Avestan texts. He would likely have been the ‘Being’ who is equivalent to Adam in Biblical traditions. The difference is that Adam’s time frame is vague. He is said to be the First but lives in a time of farming animals and grain. There is a famine which drives people to create a food source they can rely on. His “son’s” or descendants are in fact listed in Genesis as farmers.



Not so in the case of Gayomart or (Keyumers in Persian). He was known as the Lawgiver, the Just. But He was also Gar Shah, First King of the World. He lived in a mountain cave and wore the skins of animals. There was little if any agriculture. His existence actual started in Heaven and He descended at God’s bidding to earth. “Know thyself.” Is one teaching that is first attributed to Him. There is another Quote which I would like to mention, because it is good guidance for all of God’s servants.

An Interesting Thought

“Pay heed to what is said, not to the speaker. Look up to advice and wise words, no matter who says it.” – Gayomart as told in Tabari “The History of the Prophets and Kings” 915 a.d.

“Man must be a lover of the light, no matter in what lamp it may shine.” Baha’ullah

We have it from the earliest and the most recent revelations. The same warning is repeated.

If the Egyptians had heeded these words, they may have recognized Moses for Who He was.

If Jews had left behind their preconceived notions, all Jews may have become Christians.

“The Primordial Buddha manifests countless glorious Forms” – Tashi Nyima

Author/Writer, Diane Olsen


New Book ~ Author Diane Olsen

Hello, Bloggers and Readers! My First Real Blog Post ~ Author, Diane Olsen



My New Book!


The Roots of Religion

“Who was the first great Prophet? When was religion born? Did God speak to primitive forms of humans? Are all revealed religions really one long chain? If you’ve ever wondered any of these things, you will enjoy Ancient Ways.”

It is a beautiful winter’s day here in the Pacific Northwest. Similar to the ones I knew in my early years back in the mountains of Colorado. Lots of snow, the wind, and subzero temperatures.

My grandson AJ is beside me listening to “Sounds of Silence” by disturbed. It is his favorite song, as it was for me back in the ‘60s. His little brother Asher just came into the room and gave me a sweet hug for no particular reason. That made it all the sweeter.

So, it is a perfect day for musing. My mind turns to the direction of humanity and God. I know I’ve asked before – how far back in human development does religion reach?



Many would say that animism, ancestor worship, magic and ritual came first. Then rather recently, belief in one God arose; some would say with Moses or Christ. That sort of thinking was taught to me in my Anthropology training.

But now I think that is the opposite of what happened. I believe that even the very first representatives of Humankind knew a supreme God. Then, over time they added things to the Creator, just as we do today.

I would make a case that Revelation and ritual are opposite ends of a long spectrum – but the opposite of the way my teachers might believe.

Let’s look at Christianity as a sample, though any religion may be used. At first, there was the Bearer of God’s Word. Then there were Apostles and early believers, as well as great enemies. The Apostles spread the Word as revealed by Christ, and told the stories of His teachings. Later it became the state religion and eventually circled the globe. But now it has changed vastly from what it originally was.




There are monasteries, nunneries, temples, churches and missions. There are big investments in real estate, stocks, and TV ministries which accept money. There are dozens of saints, priests, ministers, reverends, and pastors who perform masses, funerals, baptisms, and other rituals.

Christianity, like Hinduism, Judaism, even Buddhism are massive. They run the gamut from God’s Word given to mankind – to plastic and paper charms and trinkets.

Only a tiny portion is the actual teachings which came from the Bearer of the Word of God.

Could we not turn anthropology on its collective ear, and make a case that myth and legend tend to replace religion over time. That humanity has done this time and again. That Revelation and ritual are part of a great process. Not separate independent accidents.

What are your thoughts? Until next time,

Author/Writer, Diane Olsen

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Diane Olsen Introduces

“In order to enjoy this book, you may have to suspend current beliefs, since some of the concepts may seem quite foreign at first. Hopefully, you will find precious gems to take with you.”

What if monotheism always existed, and revelations were given to all human forms. There are hints to that effect. We should not assume primitive peoples were not smart enough to grasp the concept of a single Creator!

Too often we tweak religion to reflect our personal thoughts, rather than dealing directly with the Word of God. Today monotheism is represented by at least nine living faiths, yet praying to God alone is not enough, for many. Instead, we pray to Prophets, angels, saints, ancestors, deities, and the universe.

This creates a chain of “Paths” and “Ways” which become stained by human desires for control and material benefits. And as darkness and materialism overtake one Faith, another is born, through the intervention of the Holy Spirit, clothed in a different form, with a new name, and very familiar teachings.

Monotheism can be visualized as a chain linking prehistory and history, entwined with human additions, wisps and twists that produce an undulating, ultimate Yin and Yang. This constant interaction of complementary, as well as conflicting, forces and energies, exhibits both organic unity and dynamism even war.

Those who suspect there is a unified core of basic beliefs should enjoy “Ancient Ways.”

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About The Author:

Diane Olsen

Diane Olsen, prolific writer and first-time indie author of her debut book release titled; “Ancient Ways: The Roots of Religion.” Her book is thought provoking, unique, and an informative look at the development and evolution of religion throughout time and a well-considered concept – the idea of a connective thread of monotheistic faith throughout the history from the birth of human creation.

Born in Colorado Springs, Colorado she now lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Diane was an Undergrad at Colorado State University Ft. Collins: Pre-vet med, Anthropology, then attended and received her BA and MA at the University of Montana, Missoula: Anthropology, Archaeology, and Paleontology. She was a Graduate Teaching Assistant for two years.

Diane has proudly raised two sons Andrew and Gavin, has four grandsons Dylan, Brayden, AJ, and Asher. She is an animal lover and enjoys living in Washington State with her two girls, (doggies) “Ladybug and Charlie” along with two ancient “retired” Zebra, finches, one African Blackfooted Cat. She has raised sheep and goats and about 40 other species of critter over the decades.

Diane enjoys writing, reading good books and cooking. A few of her favorite books are ‘The Book of Certitude (Kitab-i-Iqan), The Upanishads, and The Great Initiates.’

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5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, December 18, 2016
By  Mary T
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is for: Ancient Ways: The Roots of Religion (Paperback)
“Really interesting. We’re planning to use it as a book club selection shortly! A must read and well-researched book. Highly suggest this one.”

5.0 out of 5 starsIt’s Worth The Read!, November 12, 2016
Amazon Review For: Ancient Ways: The Roots of Religion (Paperback)

Amazing Read of Our Roots of Religion!

“If you enjoy reading about other cultures and religions, and you are interested in anthropology? This is the book to read. Very researched well and exceptionally written by this new author. I learned so much about other religions and the author gives you much to think about when it comes to really wondering how we were first created. Was it one supreme God? Or could evaluation have played a part and why? I highly suggested you read this one with an open mind and take your time. It’s Worth The Read!”



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Barnes & Noble:

By  Vicki_Goodwin

*****  Communicating with gods that seem to have so much in common and so …

Communicating with gods that seem to have so much in common and so many similar histories assist in the belief that we share a creator and creation story. This may seem to be a more modern concept, but it could possibly have begun as early as when bipeds began to move about the world, exploring and creating small communities, mixing in with the homo sapiens they met along the way.

I found myself lost in this book, the history and the evolution of man was very well stated and provides documentation for the statements. It has a diverse theme that delves into zombies, white witches, Jewish God, Islamic Allah, Buddha, Osiris, and every form of Diety that has been worshiped and found through verbal and written histories. Bringing them together in on cohesive writing. allowing the reader to see how this is a more common occurrence than typically believed.

The ancient ways connect astrology, alchemy, and all other esoteric practices. The book of Enoch in the Apocrypha tells of the giants that inhabited the world before the great flood. This is carried through in other religious documents of the time. An excellent research book.

In learning about the Priest, Ram, it provided a new and fully invigorating story of earth’s early man and their desire to move past a belief in nature. The book covers the beginning with the priestesses and then covers several chapters on Ram’s dreams, writings, and memories, this information is so thought provoking and insightful. It was new material for me and I was in awe of his place and time in history.

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