My New Book “Rising Wind: The Thunder Beings” Is Being Enjoyed By Many Readers! Some Amazing Reviews Already!

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I am so happy and amazed at the delightful reception my new book is garnishing that just had to share with all of you some of the fabulous book reviews coming in already for my new native mystery suspense and action-adventure read!

This new book was not only a Labor of Love to write, but it came from an old screenplay I had written years ago and always knew it would make a great read. I do hope if you have not gotten a copy of this one yet, that you will and give a read as I know by the recent book reviews, you are going to enjoy this suspenseful RIDE! In celebration of the paperback now released, I have the e-book priced for a short time at only $ .99 CENTS! So grab your copy today here:  “Rising Wind: The Thunder Beings (The Rising Wind Series Book 1) Kindle Edition”

~ Diane Olsen, Author 



New Release Dec. 2018 RISING WIND



When impassioned paleontologist Secora James is summoned to South America to confirm or dispel rumors of a creature long-thought extinct, she lands herself in more trouble than she had ever imagined.

Secora knows that the Mapinguari, a giant ground sloth that rivals King Kong for size, is probably just a local myth dreamed up by the indigenous tribes. Or is it? Gideon Yellow Thunder is Montana’s top real estate broker and is perfectly content with his modern life, choosing to leave behind his Lakota heritage in order to lead a life of wealth and success.

But when he starts having visions of bison on the open prairie, he feels compelled to act… Now two separate lives are on a collision course as Gideon sets off for the jungles of Brazil to find a woman he’s never met and protect the sacred beings he’d long given up believing in— the Thunderbirds. Could they be real after all? Or are they just a myth?

Gideon’s about to find out in the adventure of a lifetime, where everything he’d pushed aside is determined to leave its mark on his life.



Hoka hey! It’s a good day to die.”Watch out, Ruth Galloway! Here comes Secora James! James, a Vertebrate Paleontologist, is uncovering ancient mysteries and crime in Brazil, Peru, and Bolivia. Author Diane Olsen’s imagery and unique approach will be appreciated by all her readers.”  ~Mary Thompson, publisher: The Scientist Within You series.


January 22, 2019 – 5 Stars

Format: Kindle Edition

“One of The Best Native Mystery Suspense I Read!”

“What an amazing ride within this story based around Native Action-Adventure and Suspense! Diane has done a fine job with her first fiction offering. The mysteries and hidden crimes unfold in not one, but within several South America cities as the hunt is on for ancient “Beings” in a unique storyline that pulls the reader in to join the action and suspense…

You have Secora a beautiful Paleontologist, and you have Gideon raised within the Lakota heritage now turned real estate mogul who deserted his native culture for wealth and the “Good Life.” Both their worlds are apart to collide in search of and protect The Mighty “Thunderbird,” then all hell begins to breaks open!

With the stroke of her pen, Diane begins to develop, blend, and weave ancient cultures, native traditions, and ancient myths come alive …Then some twists and turns in this story you don’t expect that will delight, surprise, and have you cheering out loud! …Diane has a knack of bringing characters and creatures POPPING off the pages and I enjoyed her style of writing as well.

As I don’t like to SPOIL an amazing book! So, just go buy it and give it a read.
You won’t be sorry you DID! I highly suggest this one. ”

**CAT** ~Cat Lyon’s Reading and Writing Den


January 15, 2019 – 4-Stars

Format: Kindle Edition –Verified Purchase



E-book on Sale .99 Cents!



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